Core Shell / Tunnel 2.5

Core Shell and Core Tunnel 2.5 improve the internal architecture, also fixes an issue could leads empty profile list on macOS 11 beta.


  • [Shell, Tunnel] Improve the internal architecture
  • [Shell] Better secondary selection color handling


  • [Shell, Tunnel] Fix empty profile list on macOS 11 beta (@Les)
  • [Shell] Handle Shift-In and Shift-Out control sequences correctly (@chrisaa)
  • [Shell, Tunnel] Lots of minor bugfixes

Special thanks to @Les, Chris A (@chrisaa) for helping this release.


Known Issues

As of macOS Big Sur Beta 8, a potential bug of system of AppKit framework could prevent Core Shell/ Tunnel prompt user for passwords/passphrases.

We've filed a bug report to Apple, and there are lots of similar reports already sitting there. Before Apple comes to a conclusion, we recommend you use passphrase-less public-key authentication or ssh-agent to log into your host.

macOS Big Sur Beta 9 seems has fixed bug of system of AppKit framework, please upgrade to Beta 9 or later if you're using macOS Big Sur.