X11 forwarding with Core Shell/ Tunnel


I need to forward GUI from my remote in mi local PC, I need to make this Linux Remote Access | SSH and X11 Forwarding - YouTube but I try and didn't work using core tunnel and core shell.

Please let me know how can solve this.


Do you have XQuartz installed?

Yes, have that installed

I did some test and X11 works in my environment. Could you please review ssh configuration on both remote and client side?

  1. On remote side, those directives have to be set:
X11Forwarding yes
X11UseLocalhost no
  1. Relaunch sshd service on remote host.

  2. Make sure you have Core Helper installed and enabled:

  1. Check if /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth exists on your Mac

  2. ForwardX11 must be enabled settings of the profile in Core Shell:

  3. Execute echo $DISPLAY should print something like this:

  1. Log into remote host, and run command xman, XQuartz should be launched automatically, and reveals a Manual Browser:

If you still could not get it to work, please also attach error output or screenshots that may have clues in.

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thanks for quick replay, works great, but is really slow using firefox app over ssh, can better this connection?

How can upload or download files to my remote server?


That is expected result :frowning:

X11 protocol is inefficient for drawing modern apps, not to mention the overhead of SSH encryption and decryption.

You can speed up X11 forwarding, but don't put your hopes too high.

  1. Enable Compression in the Connection tab of profile settings.
  2. Enable trusted X11 forwarding, set ForwardX11Trusted option to yes in Advanced tab.

I answer this in another post of your: