Why I can't just use cmd+v to paste?

I know we can use: select the contents, then

  • middle click by mouse
  • cmd+right click by mouse
  • shift+cmd+v

to paste the contents to Core shell.

But why not support "cmd+v", the most popular paste hotkey in macOS.

Hi LeYi,

Thanks for the contacting.

Command-V is designated to paste things in Pasteboard. The selected contents obviously not in Pasteboard.

Terminal.app also use Shift-Command-V for pasting selected text.

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Hi Yang
Glad to hear your reply. That was exactly what I mean, how about provide the following options in the settings?


It was the iTerm2.

iTerm2 has very complicated settings, in contrast, Core Shell insists the settings rule is less is more.

Since Core Shell provides Shift-Command-V, I can hardly find a rational reason to add an extra option for pasting selected text.

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hijackin this topic, I run multiple Windows PCs too, is there way to configure to work like windows with Control-C and Control-V?

Control-C and Control-V have very different means in a Unix-like terminal, especially Control-C:

In keyboard input, often used as a "break" character (Ctrl-C) to interrupt or terminate a program or process.

We do not plan to change its intrinsic behavior in a terminal.

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I'm totally agree with "less is more", yes, iTerm2 is too complicated, that is exactly one of the reason why I'm considering to use Core Shell.
If I'm not wrong, maybe the only thing Core Shell should change, is just put the contents into pasteboard when select the words. Now I have to "select words"-> cmd+c -> cmd-v.
It will not impact the original shift+cmd+c and shift+cmd+v, I'm aware of Core Shell doesn't use OS pasteboard when I hit shift+cmd+c, nothing into pasteboard.

Shift-Command-C is not required, just select the text then Shift-Command-V, same number of steps as your proposal. The only difference is that you expect Command-V to paste the selected text.

You do not have to, "select words" -> Shift-Command-V, done.


Yes, you are correct, the only difference is I have to let my muscle to remember another hotkey, I used "select words"-> cmd+v for pasting contents into terminal for several years.
I just think if I can achieve a unify experience will be good, no matter where I am, in Finder, in VSCode, in Obsidian, or in terminal, I can use the same hotkey to paste things.
Anyway, I got your point. I'll try to remember it, I'm in terminal, I'll use shift+cmd+v, rather than cmd+v, that will not be so difficult. :sweat_smile:

Command-V still there, to paste text in system pasteboard that you may have copied from another app, this behavior align with Finder, Safari, VS Code and Xcode.

Please keep in mind Shift-Command-V is and only is for pasting selected text in Core Shell.

Thank you very much for discussing this feature with me, though I may not agree to the suggestion, but I really appreciate your participation.

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