Whitelisting – SSH Proxy

A whitelist is a list of sites that are allowed being accessed through your remote SSH Server.

If you enable Use proxy only for sites in whitelist, then only those on the list will be accepted, approved or recognized, other sites will be go directly without remote proxy.

1. Configure System Proxy

2. Configure Whitelist

Select Whitelist pane from preferences toolbar, and click + / - buttons to Add / Remove sites from list.

If you want exclude a site from whitelist, instead of remove it permanently, just uncheck left column (Enabled) of whitelist table to disable this site, thus you can re-enable it in the future.

In the right column, Subdomains checkbox indicate whether also proxy site's subdomains, it's checked by default, you can ignore it in most of time.

3. Import built-in whitelist

SSH Proxy built-in lots of sites that you may want. To import this sites, select corresponding menu from gear button's popup menu.

4. Select Mode

SSH Proxy could be in one of three modes:

  • Use proxy for all sites : SSH Proxy will ignore whitelist, all of sites will be accessed through remote SSH Server;
  • Use proxy only for sites in whitelist : Only sites on the whitelist will be accessed through remote SSH Server;
  • Direct internet connection (no proxy) : Whitelist is ignored, all site go directly to connect Internet.