Where are my profiles and imported identities stored?

Sometimes you might want to backup or restore important key data without other irrelevant data for various reasons (perform a fresh install, migrate to a new Mac or restore key data from Time Machine, etc.)

For Core Shell and Core Tunnel, shell or tunnels profiles and imported identities are the most important files you have to pay attention to, other configuration or preferences should be easy to restore with simple mouse clicks or keystrokes.


Core Shell/ Tunnel store profiles in local database files:

# Core Shell
~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.shell/Data/Library/Application\ Support/io.coressh.shell/CoreSSH.sqlite

# Core Tunnel
~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.tunnel/Data/Library/Application\ Support/io.coressh.tunnel/CoreSSH.sqlite

You can ignore other sibling files in the same directory.

Imported Identities

Core Shell and Core Tunnel keep them in a shared group container:

# Core Shell/ Tunnel
~/Library/Group\ Containers/E78WKS7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/