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Version 18.11 (Nov 19, 2018)

Last maintenance release of SSH Shell.
We highly recommend that you switch to Core Shell at this point.

Learn more: t https://community.codinn.com/t/1270

Version 17.09 (Sep 19, 2017)

  1. Improve compatibility with Korean input source
  2. Add a new “Debugging” option in “Advanced” tab of host settings
  3. Command + mouse right click to paste selected text
  4. Fix an issue that leads Cisco devices unreachable

Version 17.08 (Aug 25, 2017)

The core component was rewrote from scratch, this version will much more stable and performance than ever.

The full changelog:

  1. More stable and performance pseudo terminal implementation
  2. Fix a couple of serious crash issues
  3. Fix couple of UI glitch
  4. Improve xterm compatibility, passed tests in “vttest”
  5. Command (⌘) + click to open URL under cursor
  6. New option for restoring last closed session after app opens
  7. New option for asking before closing
  8. Human-readable log
  9. Reopen last closed sessions
  10. Add a search field in hosts manage panel
  11. Improve CJK input method compatibility
  12. Control (⌃) + Tab (⇥) or Control (⌃) + Shift (⇧) + Tab (⇥) to navigate between sessions
  13. Other minor bug fixes

Version 16.09 (Sep 21, 2016)

  1. New option for host: close the shell if the session exited
  2. Add shortcuts Shift + Command + Left/Right Arrow for navigating shell sessions
  3. New shortcuts for “Clear to Start” and “Clear Scrollback”
  4. Option + click-and-drag to select block regions
  5. The mouse middle button is used to paste selected text (only for 3-buttons mouse)
  6. Fixed a bug that will vanish the hosts configuration
  7. Fixes: shell session occasionally don’t reconnect
  8. Improve stability
  9. Other minor improvements

Version 16.07 (Jun 28, 2016)

This version introduces keyboard mapping and other enhancements:

  1. New: able to custom function keys to help you work more efficiently
  2. New: Option key on the keyboard can act as a Meta key, useful for some text editors (VIM and Emacs, etc.)
  3. New: high-contrast I beam pointer
  4. New: show terminal title in toolbar
  5. Enhanced: improve compatibility with CJK and other input sources
  6. Fixed: crashes when remote side sends large amount of data
  7. Fixed: correct “page up”, “page down”, “home” and “end” keys behaviors in primary screen buffer mode

Version 16.06 (Jun 06, 2016)

This update contains tons of enhancements over previous version. Customizable color schemes and colorful indicators are the most prominent changes visible to users. We also rearrange shortcuts that allows you operate SSH Shell effortless. Besides, we improved underlying performance, fixed critical bugs, SSH Shell is now even more reliable.

Full changelog:

Major Changes

  1. New: compatible with OS X 10.10 and later
  2. New: add an option for running remote command automatically after logged in
  3. New: record shell session output into specified directory
  4. New: hard / soft reset
  5. New: hosts list popover and a search field for filtering
  6. New: hosts in preferences window now sortable through drag and drop
  7. New: colorful indicators in the left shell sessions sidebar
  8. New: background and text colors now customizable
  9. New: able to change host alias in “Settings…” panel
  10. Fixed: erratic crashes when connecting two or more hosts
  11. Fixed: reverse video behavior insane
  12. Fixed: cursor not redraw when background color was changed
  13. Fixed: switch to and soft reset primary screen buffer after disconnected from ssh host abnormally
  14. Fixed: import / export hosts now preserves customized colors
  15. Shortcuts: Command + K for “Connect…”, Command + T for “New Shell on Same Host”, Command + { and Command + } for switch between shell sessions

Text Rendering Improvements

  1. Auto lighten color for bold text
  2. CJK and Emoji no longer lead Latin characters offset upward
  3. Bold and italic effect for fonts have no bold / italic variants
  4. Better effect for underlined text

Copying / Pasting Changes

  1. Always paste newlines as carriage returns
  2. Remove unnecessary spaces from pasted text
  3. Keep background when coping and pasting rich text out
  4. Remove unnecessary newline separators from copied text


  1. Primary and alternate screens have different terminal titles
  2. Reliable and smarter autoscroll when input
  3. Other trivial improvements

Version 16.03 (Mar 10, 2016)

Initial public release

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