Vi operation crashes Core Shell

If I do the following in the vi editor, "Core Shell" (the current version 3.5 and the previous one at least) will definitely crash:

  1. Duplicate a line several times using "yank" & "paste" (yyP), or
  2. Scroll down a few dozen lines using the down arrow cursor.

Computer environment
Server OS: "Ubuntu" 20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa)
vim on server machine: VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2
Client OS: macOS Big Sir 11.5.2
Client computer: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

However, the same problems do not occur in the following server environments:

Server OS: macOS Big Sir 11.5.2
vim on server machine: VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, I'm sorry about the issue.

Do you have Core Helper installed and enabled?

Could you please send me a copy of crash log?

Thank you,


Hello, Yang

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Yes, I've installed Core Helper and enabled it.
Please find the attached crash log.


crash_log.txt (104.1 キロバイト)

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Will investigate this issue and try to fix it in next update.


Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards,


Koji, thank you very much for the crash log, and I've identified the real cause, an update release reached Mac App Store hours ago. Please try the new version, and let me know if you still encounter crash issue.

PS: I'm sorry for I forgot mention you in special thanks, will list your name on About window in next update.

Thanks again for your helping.


Dear Yang,

I have confirmed that the crashes I reported do not happen with the new version. I will continue to use this great app. Thank you for your excellent support.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,


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Thank you for confirming :slight_smile: