UX: usability suggestions

So far I see the alpha version stable, but I have few usability suggestions:

  1. Usually all confirmation dialogs have OK / SAVE / CONNECT button to the right and CANCEL / NO to the left. But the main Core T window has it the other way :wink: Confusing, especially when the tunnel setting dialog actually has SAVE to the right, but CONNECT was moved to the left. Suggestion: switch CONNECT and SETTINGS positions
  2. I miss a tray icon with tunnels easily selectable
  3. Duplication window has DUPLICATE button to confirm changes. I was confused: will it be duplicated again if I press it? What about a standard SAVE button instead? You have the entry created already, so no need to “duplicate” again.

More ranting to come :slight_smile:

One more.
I’d love to save a tunnel, even though its data is incomplete. Reason?
I was trying to create a chain, but I didn’t remember all details of proxies in the middle. I couldn’t create a placeholder to later come back to it and add missing pieces, as I was forced to provide the IP, ports and other stuff I wasn’t ready with.

I did quick testing and switch the two buttons, I feel really unnatural, and even more confused. Regardless of Connect button, Cancel, Save and Settings… should sit together to make user feels the logicality – the right most buttons are editing related.

I miss it too, we track it here:

Couldn’t agree you more :hugs:

And another catch while review this issue: Delete button shouldn’t sit there in duplicating and creating stages, since Cancel button can do the deletion job.