Upgrading to new version(3.8.9) on App Store meets an issue

Every option on stat menu is not usable after upgrading.
截屏2024-06-07 10.47.13
I tried deleting app folder in Library/Container and Library/Group Container and restart Core Tunnel. Then it worked.

When this issue occurred, did you have iCloud sync enabled?


Yes, I enabled iCloud sync, so I can recover from data lose.
It's strange that, I delete app data folder twice, first time the problem still happens. The second time, I didn't configure to use iCloud, but it auto syncs after I open the app, and stat icon menu works.
Sorry that I also deleted logs too.

I got a couple of similar issue reports, it's very like a hidden problem in iCloud sync.

We'll try to fix it in next major release, version 4.0.

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