Update to V8.8 no longer connects on existing profile on MacOS 12.0.1

Greetings: the AppStore asked if I wanted to update to v8.8. After saying yes, odd things occurred:

  • auto-login fails
  • I can look like I've deleted my (one) profile, and shows no profiles in the pane. If I try to re-enter the same name, I'm told I need to "go pro." Something's gone sideways and I lack the l33t skillz to fix the situation.

If I could down-rev the update, I'd be happy if that solved my immediate problem.

Do you mean Core Tunnel 3.6?

I've sent you a premium license redeem code, so you can create more profiles, please check you personal messages.

When you create the profile, please also set Log Level to DEBUG3:

Then try again with the newly created profile, if it still fail to connect, please send me a copy of desensitized connection log.

Kindly Regards,


Crikey -- new members may only upload one image. I lost my detailed response (core shell with the helper updated works fine), but the tunnel still fails on three profiles, but I can't seem to get the detailed diagnostics you need in this reply.

If I click on "Open Shell" it works just fine (without the Socks Proxy port forward). The "equivalent command" (stripped of the :0 on 21080) works fine in the McShell. And yes, you're right, it's 3.6 which reported an 8.8 SSH fix.

Please forgive me; I am old (45, assuming you speak hex) and am more used to Bitvise and Linux sshd stuff.


I've elevated your user member level, so that you can upload more images.

Did Core Tunnel also has Core Helper enabled? If it didn't, please enable it:



Sure enough -- thanks for the very detailed instructions. It now works exactly as described.
And, I think I owe you 10 beans for the license you provided for the debugging. Please let me know how best to get that to you (since just buying one gives me two licenses, and that seems wrong).

Many thanks for steering this old fart through the thicket.


It's my pleasure to provide help.

You don't need to, please enjoy the Core Tunnel, and let me know whenever you need assistance.

Thank you very much for feedback on our community.

Kindly Regards,