Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator or Authy

Two-factor authentication is increasingly becoming a strongly recommended way of protecting user accounts in web applications from attackers by requiring a second method of authentication in addition to the standard username and password pair.

Both Google Authenticator and Authy provide two-factor authentication, and can be integrated with OpenSSH server seamlessly.


Integrate Google Authenticator with OpenSSH server by following this guide: How to Secure SSH with Google Authenticator’s Two-Factor Authentication.

Or integrate with Authy by following official guide SSH Two Factor Authentication | Authy.

Work with Codinn SSH

Select "Interactive" authentication method from SSH server setting panel, and then connect to SSH server.

A popup dialog will be prompted for verification code if you SSH server configured with Google Authenticator or Authy properly.

The first prompt question should be "Verification Code", make sure leave "Remember this interactive information in my keychain" unchecked.

Then second prompt question should be your SSH server login password, it's safe to check "Remember this interactive information in my keychain" option. Since login password doesn't like one-shot verification code, password typing is no longer needed after remember it to keychain.