Tail command, terminal doesn't refresh

I'm using core shell to connect to server. I see that sometimes when I'm tailing the log files it does not refresh. I have to close and re open to see new statements.

This is intermittent.

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tail -f doesn’t work? What flavor of linux?

Core Shell does not cache what it gets, so I'm not quite understand what "refresh" means? Could you please post some screenshots or clips? It would help me understand this problem.

Thank you for reporting!


OS version : centos rhel fedora

Step 1: I have executed the tail command for log file.
2: New incoming statements are not displayed on terminal.
3: Once I close and open the file with tail command again it works.

Thank you for the steps. It's basically not caused by Core Shell, what arguments accompany with tail command?

The tail command is tricky when you try to track file changes.


Thanks for prompt response. I'm usually using tail -f log.txt or tail -500f log.txt

Please try with:

tail -F log.txt

The man page of tail (1) says:

The -F option implies the -f option, but tail will also check to see if the
file being followed has been renamed or rotated.