"Tab" key sends configurable number of spaces

As a developer who uses Core Shell to access different machines to write code, I want to be able to configure the app to send a number of spaces every time I press the Tab key so that I can have consistency with existing codebases in new code I add.

For example, some existing code I edit uses 2 spaces for every indent level, some 4 spaces and some a Tab. It would be very useful to be able to configure the app to match this.

[Edit to add example]

Jonathan, thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Which console text editor are you using? Personally, I think it's editor's responsibility, and most text editors support configurable "Tab" key.

Another problem is if Core Shell enable this option globally, then you may see some strange behaviors when you press "Tab" under shell prompt.

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Thanks. The editor I use depends on what is present the other end - often just nano...

I guess if you implement my macro keystrokes suggestion I could just assign a TouchBar key to send four (or whatever) spaces...

Your point about using Tab under a shell prompt is really exactly what I need! And you could make it switchable so users could enable it if wanted...