Suggested Keyboard Navigation Improvements

I'm a heavy keyboard user, and I like to navigate around as much as I can with the keyboard only, especially in terminal-type apps like Core Shell.

What I often need to do is open a new window or tab, search for a server, and connect to it. I can't easily do that with logical keystrokes ATM, but it wouldn't take much to fix that. In an ideal world, this is how I see it working:

  1. create a new window with cmd+n, the search bar auto-focuses
  2. type a few letters until I see the server I need in the filtered list
  3. hit the down arrow to move focus from the search box to the list of servers, then hit down a few more times to get t the desired server
  4. hit enter to connect

An alternative that would also work:

  1. create a new window with cmd+n, like happens now, the top server is focused in the list
  2. hit the up arrow to move focus into the search box
  3. search ...
  4. hit the down arrow to move focus back to the server list ...

Having to reach for my mouse just to move to and from the search box is one of those little paper-cut annoyances. It's not really a big deal, but it happens sooooooo often that it feels like it is.

Bart, thank you so much for this great value of use case :+1:

Yes, this should be improved, I just added it in dev pipeline, and will update this thread once it get implemented.