SSH Proxy Need to bypass port 443 (UDP) for HTTP/3

since now HTTP/3 is the new standard, it required the browser to connect to port 443 (UDP) to make it work.
I wonder if you can add it into the current SSH Proxy?

Hi Sauronx, We have no plan to make update on SSH Proxy in the foreseeable future.


Firstly, SSH is TCP based while UDP compromises security and it's a connection-less protocol.

I found a work around on both Mac and Windows. For mac, you can buy SURGE MAC and add a udp-not-supported-policy = reject in the General Section. It blocks all (system wide) UDP traffics including QUIC/HTTP3 which is UDP based while listening to CoreTunnel as the server via in the Proxy Section.
On Windows, get a ProxyCap license, create a rule that blocks UDP (all programs) then create another rule that proxies TCP listening to CoreTunnel as the server via since SSH is TCP based.