SSH Proxy app doesnt work after I've updated to Catalina

I updated my macbook pro 18 to OS Catalina yesterday. Ran SSH Proxy with no issues but after restarting today. It doesnt work anymore. I have tried all the settings available with me and it just wont connect to the internet. The proxy takes more time to connect too. It usually just tries to connect for only a few seconds but this time it'll take about 2-3 mins to connect.

Anything i need to do at this point? Ive tried installing and uninstalling to no avail. A few of my colleagues are using our tunnel fine with their macbookpros but they are still on High Sierra OS. Is it not compatble with Catalina?

Got to be something else. I’ve been running ssh proxy on two macs on Catalina since day one of it’s release. No issues at all.

Update: Thanks for the response!

It turns out - it was (an internal issue) our blackhole's firewall blocking my IP address. SSH is working for me now after my IP was whitelisted.