Ssh port forwarding to a socket on the target host

I’m using SSH Tunnel – great app btw! This may be a UI limitation, but I’d like to setup port-forwarding to a remote socket.

ssh -NL localhost:1234:/var/run/mysocket.sock target_host

Is this supported?


@briantd tunneling via unix socket file is not supported for now, is it possible to change your socket file ("/var/run/mysocket.sock") into a normal TCP/IP address (i.e. host: port pair)?

As far as I know, it’s not possible to make that change.

I’m sorry to hear that.

It’s an important feature, and we will try to add this ability in the future release.


I have a very similar request.
I’m a huge sublime text fan and use rmate to edit remote files.
As such it would be nice if I could just add the following parameter to the ssh cml : -R 52698:localhost:52698.
Or configure the port to be forwarded.

Thanks for the nice app !