Ssh/config as source of truth


Is it on the roadmap for Core Shell (and Core Tunnel) to use ~/.ssh/config to store all it's entries? After all that would follow the OpenSSH standard, correct? I have another tool that does just that, SSH Config Editor. It seems to handle the config entries just fine.

The same could be true for Core Tunnel, just list the config entries with tunnels and port configs.


Hi Mikael, thanks a lot for the suggestion and sorry for late response.

There are a couple of problems prevent Core Shell/ Tunnel storing entries in ~/.ssh/config:

  1. Some config options could not find correspondences in ssh_config, such as favor icon, color schemes, and port forwarding notes etc.
  2. For sandbox policies, Core Shell/ Tunnel do not have permission to access ~/.ssh/ssh_config initially. The app must prompt user for access authority to read/write ~/.ssh_config before it could function properly, and I do not don't think this is a user friendly solution.