Spinning wheel and do not respond for exit

Mac OS Big Sur, the same in Sonoma.
Apple M1

I don't see that issue. Have you tested your disk with Disk Util's First Aid? What is your filesystem, APFS? Onyx is also a great tool to run every now and then...

No it's not the disk issue.

I can use app for ssh, it does not looks like frozen, but it does not responde to Quit command, when spinnig wheel appears.

I tested Quit right after starting Core shell but got spinning wheel instead of closing app.

Just downloaded the latest Internet update. What applications need I look out for. I am not tech savvy. Please use every day words and no abbreviations. I don't want to get any more lost than usual. Know I sound like a fool, but basically use computer for email and other communications and music in Garage Band.
When I go elsewhere I get lost in a maze.