Setting tab names (again)

Hello Yang!

I'm running Core Shell Premium Version 3.6.2 on a Mac and am very happy with it!

Recently I changed to use mosh instead of direct ssh for many remote hosts due to frequent restarts of the router which dropped all the tcp connections.

Now, with a local terminal profile named "mosh srv30" and running the command "/usr/local/bin/mosh srv30 tmux a" to reconnect to my remote session, the tab sometimes just shows "~ --" or
"~ -- mosh-client -# srv31 tmux a | 60001" which then gets reduced to just
"~ -- mosh-client" if I have more than 6 or 7 tabs open, which is common.
With that new approach I cannot see which tab is really connected to which server, unless I hover over it for some time.

In an older post you wrote:

Core Shell 1.8 added a new user preference allows always use host descriptive names as tab titles. You can find it in Preferences… > Tabs.

Enmmm, yes, I changed my mind. I tried adding an input field for customizable tab title, but soon discovered it’s unnecessary since the host’s descriptive names already there, add a new text field going to mess up.

Well, I only get the options "automatically" or "always" and they don't seem to make much of a difference?

Is there a chance to rethink the option of putting a fixed string in the profile which names the tab once and for all?

Thanks a lot!