Setapp CoreShell 3.6.2 the openssh process terminated unexpectedly

CoreShell Setapp version 3.6.2 always displays "OpenSSH process terminated unexpectedly", I already test the AppleStore version and that version works fine.

Same issue with CoreTunnel! I have to reinstall the helper after every reboot.

Please open System Settings and navigate to General > Login Items, and make sure these items are enabled.

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OMG it beens months it stopped to work because of this, please display a modal to explain it

Hi, I did what you said but it still did not work for me at all for Setapp Coreshell 3.6.2. I still get the error

"Core Shell quit unexpectedly"

What else can I do? Should I send the Report Logs to you privately?

I'm working on a new release, will update this thread once finished.

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The beta version of Core Shell (for Setapp) is now available for download, please open Setapp, navigate to Settings… > Updates, make sure Install automatically unchecked and Get beta versions of … checked (so you won't have other apps upgrade to beta versions unexpectedly):

Then you will see Core Shell beta:

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updated to it, still does not work.

This app is really vital to my workflow, hope it can be fixed soon

Please Enable logging, and send me the connection log.



It immediately errors out ( Core Shell quit unexpectedly.) when u launch the SetApp version. You cannot even go to settings to enable logging.

Could please send me the crash log?

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exceed characters limit by a lot when i try to dm u

You can upload the crash log as attachment.

I've received your crash log, thank you. But I could not locate the problem after investigation, could you please do a clean reinstallation? Here are the steps:

  1. Quit Core Shell, then backup your profiles data:
    mkdir ~/CoreShellBackup
    cp ~/Library/Containers/ ~/CoreShellBackup
  2. Uninstall Core Shell in Setapp
  3. Remove data files:
    rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/
  4. Restart your Mac
  5. Install Core Shell in Setapp again

If Core Shell works, then try recover your profiles by doing:

  1. Quit Core Shell
  2. Copy back data file
    rm ~/Library/Containers/
    cp ~/CoreShellBackup/CoreSSH.sqlite ~/Library/Containers/ 
  3. Launch Core Shell again and see if problem fixed

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