Security & Privacy – Legacy

Security and privacy are fundamental to Codinn SSH apps, we have put much effort to improve the security.

And here are "Dos and Don'ts" that we are following to protect your privacy:

Passwords / Passphrases Stored Locally

All your saved passwords / passphrases are store in OS X Keychain locally. None of these sensitive information be sent to remote.

You can wipe your saved passwords or passphrases from Codinn SSH apps, or from OS X Keychain directly.

Private Keys Stored Locally

All of your imported private keys are stored in a local folder ("~/Library/Group\ Containers/").

You can delete them from Codinn SSH apps or just remove the files from that folder.

There is no other place retains copies.

No Usage Statistics

Codinn SSH apps DON'T send any data to our or other vendor's server.

We don't push Ads to you, and we don't collect your usage data.

Codinn SSH apps only connect to your own server, and do the right job, no more.

Widely Accepted SSH Library

Codinn SSH apps depend on libssh, which is widely accepted by KDE, GitHub, XMBC etc.

We also open source our core component on GitHub - a high-performance Objective-C SSH library based on libssh.

Conform to Apple's App Sandbox

Codinn SSH fully conform to App Sandbox.

App Sandbox is an access control technology provided in OS X, enforced at the kernel level. Its strategy is twofold:

  1. App Sandbox force the app describes how to interact with the system. The system then grants the app the access it needs to get its job done, and no more.
  2. App Sandbox allows the user to transparently grant the app additional access by way of Open and Save dialogs, drag and drop, and other familiar user interactions.

A non-sandboxed app has the full rights of the user who is running that app, and can access any resources that the user can access. If an attacker can potentially exploit that app, the attacker gains the ability to do anything that the user can do.

By limiting access to resources on a per-app basis, App Sandbox provides a last line of defense against the theft, corruption, or deletion of user data if an attacker successfully exploits the app.

Mac App Store Certified

Codinn SSH apps distribute on Mac App Store.

Apple reviews all apps submitted to the Mac App Store to ensure that they are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material.

This means Codinn SSH apps follow the strict review policy that be implemented by Apple.

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