Run time import of .ssh/config


Is it possible to globally include my .ssh/config using the Include directive?

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David Jack Wange Olrik

Yes, it could be possible theoretically, will take some experimenting in next update.

Awesome - I’m currently also using Shimo, and through an “Advanced” setting I’m able to include all of my .ssh/config into Shimo allowing connection sharing and a total merge of my command line and Shimo.

Doing this in Core Tunnel as well would be totally nice.


It would be awesome if .ssh/config could be used to hold all Core Tunnel configs. I have a lot of entries in .ssh/config and would like that to be my single source of truth. Essentially using Core Tunnel as my GUI frontend to manage .ssh/config as it’s becoming quite large at this point. Using tags and the drop down hierarchy features etc. Would that be possible or are there features in Core Tunnel that would break the normal usage of .ssh/config?


.ssh/config would full of LocalForward / RemoteForward / DynamicForward directives if use it as the data source of port forwarding. If user just want to log into the shell, the forwarding directives will be activate in the meantime.

It’s not good practice in my opinion, but hierarchal tags is nice :slight_smile:

Forgot to update, as of version 1.1.2, support for using system default ssh_config was added. Go to Preferences…, Locations and set Configuration to System, then Core Tunnel will use your ~/.ssh/config as in command line.

Cool, will take a look.