"Reuse previous session directory" on "Duplicate Current Terminal"

This can improve work efficiency.

The local shell supports "Duplicate" with current working directory, but not for SSH shell.

It is basically a technically thing, SSH protocol does not provide means for change directory on login. So I'm afraid it is may not possible for SSH shell to "Duplicate" with current working directory.

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can help users run this command (if this feature flag is enabled).

(extend Reporting Working Directory script function)

Nice idea, but it doesn't work. For security reasons, the only way to send Working Directory to the remote silently, is by utilizing environment variable.

But this requires user to config AcceptEnv to accept the custom environment explicitly in server end for each host. And this is not a good solution.

I'd like to keep this request open, may be we will find a better one in future.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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