RemoteForward - Multiple Connections

I'm completely new at this, so please forgive me. I have added RemoteForwarding to the .ssh/config file and that works great for rtext for the host I'm connecting to.
However, when trying to make a second connection it fails as I guess it doesn't know which connection to forward the port to or something like that.
I'd ideally like to be able to specify different configs for each connection that go to the same host, one with RemoteForwarding and others without. The secondary connection are just for monitoring purposes.
Is that possible, I can't see how to do it from all the options and settings.
Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: Similar to: Option to disable use of .ssh/config
However, I'm too stupid to work out how to use the response to help me.

Hi, could you please paste your connection logs? and, screenshots of your current shell settings are also helpful.

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This is my .ssh/config file. Not much in it.
Host xx.xx.xx.xx
RemoteForward 52698

The first time that I try to connect is fine.
The second time I try to connect I get the following:
Equivalent Command: ssh -o ServerAliveCountMax=3 -o ServerAliveInterval=15 -o ExitOnForwardFailure=yes xx@xx.xx.xx.xx
14:46:38 Connecting…
14:46:38 Using Embeded Helper 4.4 (r44)
14:46:39 Authenticating…
14:46:41 Connected
14:46:42 Error: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 52698
14:46:42 Abnormal Disconnect
14:46:42 Connection failed, retry after 3s…

Any help is much appreciated.

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Steven Wilber

Here is the problem, enter tunnel settings and clear ExitOnForwardFailure option should fix the problem.


That worked perfectly. Thank you.

I knew the answer would be in there somewhere.

I very much appreciate your help which was quick and accurate.



Glad to help :smiley: