Refresh button

Would it be possible to implement a refresh button?

The rationale is the following: I have tunnels to the environment with many services using dynamic ports. I'm updating these service ports in Core Tunnel config through the SQLite query. All works perfectly, excepting Core Tunnel does not refresh the updated config. As a workaround, I have either close / open CT or go to settings and check/uncheck particular service.
Reload from the database with the help of CMD + R would be really easy to implement and make my life much easier.

I know my use case sound more like a hack, but there is no way to alter port or create/alter config through the AppleScript.

Thank you!

It's not a good idea to alter database of Core Tunnel outside.

I would recommend you updating ssh_config instead:

~/Library/Group Containers/

If you have Core Helper installed and enabled:


Use Host or Match directive company with DynamicForward to set your dynamic ports, Core Tunnel loads the settings in .ssh/config when connects.

The drawback is you have to clear port forwardings in tunnels settings in Core Tunnel, and the dynamic ports in .ssh/config won't be revealed in Core Tunnel.

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