Radius challenge when sshing (jump server)

After the latest update I can no longer input the radius challenge (OTP code) after connecting on cyberark jump servers.

Previously there was a prompt inside the ssh session that was letting me input my OTP code and therefore allowed login.
Now instead, I get a prompt outside of the ssh session (pop-up window) without an input box, so there is no way to enter the code and thus no way to login!

Hi, could you please post some screenshots to help me understand this problem better?

Thank you for feedback,


This issue has been fixed in version 2.7, thank you so much for sending the screencast via Personal Message.


thank you so much for your support, I didn't have the chance to test the new version because my mac has an issue and have to temporarily switch to a windows machine... I will check later at some point and if I have a problem I'll let you know

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