Private key "invalid format" ( puttygen )


My server uses a key generated with Puttygen with "Key passphrase".
On my Windows PC, this has always worked with different software.
Today, after completely migrating to mac, I try Core Shell to administer my Linux server.

My problem is that apparently my private key doesn't work here.
I get the following error message :

07:00:02 Load key "/folder/my_key.ppk": invalid format
07:00:03 Permission denied, please try again.

Would you have a solution other than key replacement ?
Here is the format of my key :

PuTTY-User-Key-File-2: ssh-rsa
Encryption: aes256-cbc
Comment: mihoko-okayami
Public-Lines: 6
<censured chain>
Private-Lines: 14
<censured chain>
Private-MAC: <censured>

Thank you in advance ( sorry for my English )

Hi Mihoko, you have to convert your private key to OpenSSH format, please follow steps in this link:

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If you can, maybe you should replace the key on the server with an OpenSSH key going forward as that it's the standard in the non-windows world.

Thank you very much !
The information in your link works great :+1: