Pin Tabs and Default Open behavior


Two small feature requests:-)

Being able to pin tabs like you can in most browsers. This will re-connect those tabs when you start Core Shell. You should also be able to pin the Hosts window. This will save me a lot of steps as I always tend to more or less re-open the same sessions every time.

Set a preference for default open mode. I always want to open sessions in a new tab. I have that on a right click in the Hosts window. It would save time and clicks to let a user set a default behavior.


Nice idea, but not practical at this moment.

Core Shell uses system tab control in macOS 10.13 and later, but it provides no way for in-depth customization.

It's true that Safari can Pin tabs, but it uses private APIs, Core Shell unable to get that special treatment as Safari.

But I'll keep an eye on macOS SDK changes, and implement the features once Apple public necessary APIs.

How does Chrome and Firefox do this? I Pin tabs in those apps as well.

They use their own tab bar control, not the native one.

ok, but open tabs/sessions at launch and default open to new or current tab or new window sounds like a plist/preference setting:-)


Set a preference for default open mode. I always want to open sessions in a new tab.

You can press ⌘-click on host item to open the session in a new tab, same as in Safari.

open tabs/sessions at launch

This can be a very handy function, accepted :wink:

Not very fond of keyboard + touchpad/mouse click actions. If it's a clickable UI I shouldn't need to reach for the keys. Or I should do it all from the keyboard. A preference to set a default behavior is a much cleaner solution in my mind.

Actually you can do it with key combination Shift + Command + K.

Yeah but it's very likely that I've already used the mouse or trackpad to navigate the UI to the host I want to connect to so then the right-click is closer at hand. Less movement of the hands / fingers. Still think a default open preference is the way to go and let the end user decide how to navigate.


After two-day cooling-off period, we decided to accept your suggestion – adding an option to allow end user opens a shell in new tab. We will implement this feature in upcoming updates.

Thank you:-)