Password protect the app?

hello, is it possible to password protect the app itself?
so someone could not launch it and connect to my saved servers that have the passwords saved or using .pem files.

Hi Paul, Thanks a lot for the suggestion, and what do you want to protect, the whole app or just passwords / passphrases?

Another question, lock the whole Mac when you leave the desk should provide a protection to all apps, so why don't we just lock the Mac instead?

I would like to know your opinions :smiley:

Agree with Yang. There is probably a whole lot more you need to protect than just the app. The private keys (you should use ssh keys and not password logins) are still on the disk and likely a lot more that would give access.

First thing, encrypt the drive, always. That will protect all your data at rest if your mac is stolen.

Look your screen always when you leave the mac.

If it's a shared mac at home. Create separate accounts for other users. I have separate logins for my family members on our iMacs and laptops.