Padding issue for list items making them near unusable

Hi, when the number of items in the list exceeds a value, the items collapse to a near unusable state.
They're still clickable. However, this definitely seems like a bug.

Core Tunnel: v2.2
Mac OS: 10.14.6

Make use of the tags to reduce the list. Tags makes it easier to navigate large number of entries.


Thank you for your suggestion Mikael. Although the problem here is different. If the number of items in a list are larger, all of them should be scrollable with equal width.

This coalescing of top N elements is definitely a bug.

Aman, it's a macOS 10.14 specific issue, will release a hot-fix version, thanks a lot for reporting.

Yeah, I don't see this on 10.15.*

Thanks @yang

Fixed in version 2.4.1, confirmed by @isopropylcyanide

Thanks a lot for citing me in the change log of 2.4.1. The new update fixes the issue.

For the archives:
Since I had rolled back to the older release version after testing on the stage build, I'd share yet another screenshot where the height of the list items suddenly collapsed to something like below on Mac OS 10.14

The issue dismissed post restart (not the window but the whole app)