Open Core Shell in CLI


I want open Core Shel from CLI, but I want open with specific SSH connection for example, I want open core shell directly with DNS ssh profile.

PS: DNS is ssh profile

Open a terminal with specified profile is not supported yet. But you can connect to your host explicitly by running command:

open "coressh://user@host-address:22"

Directives in ssh_config.5 are also supported:

open "coressh://user@host-address:22?ConnectTimeout=100&LogLevel=DEBUG3&PreferredAuthentications=password"

Above command will open a SSH terminal to host-address with ConnectTimeout set to 100, LogLevel set to DEBUG3 and PreferredAuthentications allows password.

Feel free to let me know if you need further assistance.



Thanks for quick reply, please let me know if can save log of session, I mean I want register activity in core shell and save in txt automatically if is possible append new session.

this is possible in command or GUI?

If you mean save terminal output, you can enable it in Preferences: