Odd dialog shows up after recent upgrades

(Mikael Fransson) #1


This shows up every other time I open Core Shell, connects to a session or open the preferences.

Any idea why that is?

I have the latest Core Shell since this morning and also the latest Core Helper app.


(Yang.Y) #2

Do you have "Track shell output" option enabled?


(Mikael Fransson) #3

Yes, never saw this dialog before the 1.4.9 upgrade though.

(Yang.Y) #4

There must something wrong with reading configuration or other files, I will investigate it.

(Yang.Y) #5

Mikael, this issue should has been fixed in version 1.6, please upgrade and test it if you get chance, thank you.

(Mikael Fransson) #6

Upgraded and I did not see this dialog so so far so good:-)

(Yang.Y) closed #7