Occasional Core Tunnel crashes

My premium Core Tunnel installation crashes every few hours, seemingly unrelated to any usage pattern I could make out. It happens on all my machines. I have 14 tunnels, 12 are regularly connected. One keeps flapping (due to other reasons).

The Apple crash report:
crashlog.txt (28.5 KB)

Another one, an hour later:
crashlog2.txt (28.4 KB)

Is there any generic Core Tunnel log file that I could check/provide?

Thank you very much for the crash log.

Could you please try disable the flapping one and see what happens?

Kindly Regards,


I did that, but it keeps happening.

Any ideas? This is unusable for me.

I'm very sorry for this issue.

I'm working on a new release, but may not be finished soon.

Kindly Regards,