Mysterious corrupted file pop-up


(a_O) #1

This pops up upon opening Core Shell. I don't see any consequences, but still... How to debug?

(Yang.Y) #2

Does this issue reproducible? Can Sync function properly?

(a_O) #3

every time upon launching Core Shell and opening preferences. foder sync used to be on but now is turned off.

(Yang.Y) #4

Is it possible to turn on folder sync again? In addition, could you please take a look at logs on Core Shell from


(a_O) #5

I didn’t have time to go through logs, but the message stops if sync is re enabled.

Dec 11, 2018, 9:01 AM by

(Yang.Y) #6

I moved this topic to “Report Bug” category, and waiting for more similar issue reports.

(Yang.Y) #7

Version 1.6 has fixed this issue, thanks a lot for reporting.