Multiple SOCKS proxies with SSH Proxy

I'm using core tunnel but recently I've streamline my SSH configs and I've been able to do everything through multiple SOCKS proxies instead of a LOT of port forwards. I looked at SSH Proxy to simplify my applications and setup but found that it only supports a single LISTENING SOCKS proxy. I have a number of SOCKS proxies that are setup on jump hosts into different environments. It would be nice if SSH Proxy could support multiple listening proxies and rules to send traffic to different proxies (ala MacProxy which is no longer supported).

Thanks a lot for concerning our products, currently we put all our effort into Core Shell and Core Tunnel, the development of SSH Proxy is stalled.

We may reload SSH Proxy someday, but at present we can't afford investing more time on it.


You can do this with multiple tunnels in Core Tunnel with Firefox and the FoxyProxy add-on.