Multi Tunnel SSH

I have recently purchased SSH Tunnel and was wondering if it can handel multi SSH hops in one tunnel … e.g.

i have the following servers. LocalHost, Jumpserver, Target System.

The issue here is the firewall rules block all ports except SSH (from the jumpserver), so i need to ssh to the jump and then ssh to the target system so i can invoke services locally (on Target system).

Is this posible?

@Jonathan_Lewis SSH Tunnel can handle SSH hops, but, not in one tunnel.

You must first create a tunnel to your Jumpserver, and add a Local Port Forwarding:

You will get a port 8022 on your LocalHost which was mapped to Target System port 22. Which means, once you connect to LocalHost:8022, the data will be redirected to Target System:22 transparently.

So next steps are straightforward, treat LocalHost:8022 as you are using Target System:22:

Keep in mind that make sure turn on Jumpserver ahead of LocalHost:8022 for the dependency reason.

Thanks for the help @yangyubo.

This is what i have tried but the issue is the Jumpserver does not have access to the target server port 3306.

i need to ssh from Jumpserver to the Target and then connect to 3306 from localhost.

In theory we need to open a Tunnel in another Tunnel. This can be done in other tools but i would like to do this in this tool.

Tunnel from localhost to host1 and from host1 to host2:

ssh -L 9999:localhost:9999 host1 ssh -L 9999:localhost:1234 -N host2

This will open a tunnel from localhost to host1 and another tunnel from host1 to host2.

@Jonathan_Lewis could you please paste the full command you have used in terminal?
Then I will try to translate it into SSH Tunnel configurations.

@Jonathan_Lewis Do you have made it work? Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need help :grin:

Hey there, this is still not working. This is what i want to do ,,.… With putty its really easy.

The option #2 in linked answer is not possible in SSH Tunnel, at least not supported by now.

But option #1 and #3 can be easily achieved in SSH Tunnel, I would recommend you go with option #3, just create two tunnels as described in #3, and turn on the two tunnels in sequence.