Multi-proxy auto-select?

First of all, great products. I’m looking to replace FoxyProxy with something system-wide. One thing that FoxyProxy does is auto-selects a proxy server based on url pattern, for example: --> proxy1 --> proxy2

With the ssh proxy product it seems that only one proxy can be used at a time and I have to manually select it? Am i missing something?

I was hoping that the ssh tunnel product had that functionality (for socks, anyway) but it’s just a tunnel manager and lacks the proxy features.

Hopefully there’s a setting i’m missing someplace. Thanks in advance.

Both SSH Proxy and Tunnel could not route your traffic to servers by rules.

You can use SSH Tunnel with another software Proxifier.

thanks for the response, do you think this is functionality that may be built out in the future? it seems like a perfect fit for ssh proxy.

proxifier seems to be a fantastic product however their latest Mac version is lags behind the windows version and does not have full ipv6 support. one way around the ipv6 issue is to use remote resolution but it seems to be on or off for all requests… can’t be conditional.

I’ll investigate this functionality, but I can’t make promise that it will be implemented. I’ll follow up this thread if any progress is made.