Mounted Volume

Core Shell has somehow connected itself to a mounted (NFS) volume. If this particular volume is not mounted when I launch Core Shell, the app gives me a error message, "There was a problem connecting to the server..." I must dismiss the error dialog box TWICE before Core Shell will actually launch. What is this connection to my mounted volume and how do I break it so Core Shell will launch without issue?

The screenshot attached is from Big Sur but it has been giving me this error for months now, in Catalina as well.

Could you please check following options in Preferences?

  1. Preferences -> General -> Track terminal output to files in…
  2. Preferences -> General -> File download location
  3. Preferences -> Advanced -> Auth Agent and Configuration
  4. Preferences -> Sync -> Sync with Folder

If any of above options contain a path point to your NFS volume, it could lead such waring dialog if the volume not mounted.

Also, don't forget clear your Downloads / Uploads list if you ever saved files to the volume.

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Thanks for the quick response.

  1. This is not checked and the folder would be '/Users/jaye/Library/....'
  2. File download location is "Downloads" (local user directory)
  3. Auth Agent and Configuration: These fields are empty.
  4. Sync: iCloud

A HA! I cleared the Downloads/Uploads list and that seems to have done it. I have no recollection of even when I UP/DL a file with this app.

I love easy fixes.



Glad to hear you've solve the problem :smiley:


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