Missing purchase option?


I tried to purchase Core Tunnel, and can't find the lifetime option. The only options are for 1 year or 4 years. Is there somewhere else to click to purchase the lifetime option?


Hi, we have taken down the lifetime option. We found it’s not practical to do paid upgrades model on App Store, and Apple won’t support it in future: App Store upgrades: It’s not that Apple can’t do it, but they won’t do it.

Thanks for the quick response, and I’m out of the loop re: Apple Store policies.

So, please pardon my ignorant question: how do I download Core Tunnel and purchase a lifetime option if it’s not available via the Apple Store and the Apple Store seems to be the only way to download your application (or at least that’s what’s presented on your website)?


yeah same question !

App Store is the only channel for distributing Core Tunnel, at least for this moment. So, the lifetime option has gone, and may be come back if Apple considers that paid upgrades pricing model is good for both customers and themselves, though it’s very unlikely.