Merge of SSH Proxy to Core Tunnel

(Richard Bukovansky) #1
  • Date: 2018-02-08
  • Status: Active review

I would really like if you could merge SSH Proxy (its functionality) to Core Tunnel. I would like to have just one app, that would solve my tunneling/SOCKS proxying needs…

(Yang.Y) #2

What features in SSH Proxy you would like to merge?

(Richard Bukovansky) #3

Basically everything… It seems that Core Tunnel deals with our strange SSH server settings very well, not like Codinn SSH Proxy which refused to connect (it does not support diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha* kex algos). I was actually writing about this in my e-mail to probably you on Dec 5th, 2017 and you said SSH Proxy will not support this kex algos.

It would be just nice to have one app that would solve my SSH/SOCKS/PROXY needs and I would not need to have 2 apps (tunnel, proxy) like I’m forced to use right now.

(Yang.Y) #4

I don’t want to maintain two similar apps either :sob:

But, seriously, the major difference between SSH Proxy and SSH Tunnel is whitelisting/blacklisting, is that the feature you could not live without?

(Richard Bukovansky) #5

My guess would be yes…

Note: I’m not security guy, so my understanding of the whole tunneling, proxying process is limited, so please bear with me. Thanks.

(Greg Parsons) #6

Fully agree. There are complex use-cases for each, so a merge is probably not simple. However, having a single app with the capabilities of both – maintaining the white-list / black-list from SSH Proxy and the flexible port assignments of SSH Tunnel would be helpful.

Having used both, daily, for a long while, I’m accustomed to the nuances of tunneling one over the other and how they blend in a complex and restrictive corp environment. So, it’s a nice-to-have, yet a single app would be a formidable presence.

(Daniel Pritchard) #7

Not the OP, but the whitelisting/blacklisting is definitely something I couldn’t live without. I only route traffic that needs it (a handful of domains) through the proxy - for my own privacy and for efficiency I don’t like routing everything (say, Google, Netflix, or iTunes) through corporate servers.

(Yang.Y) #8

Turned this topic to a #proposal, vote it if you want it :raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_man:

(Richard Bukovansky) #9

Yo, Yang, remember?

I don’t want to maintain two similar apps either :sob:


(Yang.Y) #10

I almost forgot, thanks for reminding :nerd_face: JK

I would like to reinvestigate this proposal and Core Proxy practicalities after Core Tunnel is public released.

(Richard Bukovansky) #11

Why is my reply here and not in that Proxifier thread?
Good lord… :roll_eyes:

(Richard Bukovansky) #12

Hi @yang, any updates on this topic? Thanks.

(Yang.Y) #13

Sorry, no updates. I’ll reinvestigate this feature after Core Shell is released.