Love Core Tunnel ... but

I looked today to purchase Core Tunnel. I'm lazy. It works great. But frankly - $10 / year is WAY too much money for the utility I derive out of it.

In about 10 minutes, I can whip up BASH script that does exactly what core tunnel does. Is it sexy? No. Is it neatly docked in my Mac? No.

I was prepared to pay $10 for a perpetual license. And would have happily done so. But i'm not interested in paying $10 on an ongoing basis.

Please accept my input merely as "one users view". I'm sure there must be people willing to pay that year after year. I'm simply not.

Good luck - I do love the product, and I will leave a 5 star review for the free version.

Given that most all features are free which of the paid features are you looking to use?

I use Core Tunnel every day but I can’t say that I’m missing or need to use any of the paid features at the moment.

Just curious.



As I see it - I can only add 1 configuration with a set of various SSH port tunnels. If I'm okay starting up dozens of port tunnels, when I might only be using 2 or 3 ... then it would work.

The main feature that would get me to pop some dough (my objections above notwithstanding...) would be the use of multiple connections with different sets of tunnels defined per connection. Many environments I work in require the use of front-end VPNs, and if I'm not working in that environment, then I don't have a network path to a number of my SSH bastions to forward connections through.

I do like the product - and I would have been willing to pop on a one-time license fee ... but not on a recurring subscription fee for something that I consider pretty basic.

Are you sure? The licensed features are listed as:

  • Importing and exporting
  • Automatic syncing
  • Scriptable ( automation with AppleScript and Automator)

I have 12 tunnels configured to different hosts. All having different tags so I can easily navigate and they each have a setting to connect automatically on launch or not.

Maybe I'm missing something. Some of my tunnels have several ports mapped. Not an issue and not listed as a paid feature either.