Keyboard shortcut Request — ⌘ + i to edit settings

I'm a very heavy keyboard user who prefers not to have to reach for the mouse any more than necessary. One of the great things about Mac apps is that there are lots of conventions that are very widely followed, so usually, when you try a common keyboard shortcut it just works, regardless of the app.

In that vein, I keep reflexively trying to edit my shortcuts with ⌘+i, and that does nothing! Would you consider having that as a shortcut for right-click → edit...?



Core Shell has a shortcut for edit settings – Command + Shift + , it's a variant of "Preferences…" shortcut, not hard to remember.

I definitely happy to change to a more conventional shortcut, but Command + i seems is used as show information / inspector, not for settings.

I would argue the settings are the inspector for a connection. Perhaps that's not correct. I'd be happy with any keystroke TBH.

If you use Magic Touchpad or Magic Mouse, there is a little trick for you, swipe on a host row to the far right will enter the settings, really handy:

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oooh - that really is very handy, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: