Keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when starting reverse ssh tunnel (intermittent)

This is the first time I have tried to set up a reverse tunnel, so it may be that I've set things up wrong, but there are times when it works fine and stays up for hours / stays connected first time, and others when it keeps connecting and reconnecting. This makes it less likely its a configuration issue on my part, but happy to look into it if you think that might still be a problem.

Based on another thread, I tried deleting the ServerAliveCountMax and ServerAliveInterval settings, still getting the problem but maybe a bit less often??

I installed 1.4.9 last night, but still getting this problem. Also, for the first time, I just got a crash report from apple that core tunnel just crashed probably related to 1.4.9 update I assume?

The ssh logs cover a period when it first kept disconnecting, then when it connected and stayed connected, so hopefully that will help diagnose the problem.

Couldn't paste the logs in, so they are attached as text files

core_tunnel_crash_report (76.2 KB)
ssh_log (344.2 KB)

Sorry about the problems, and thank you for the logs.

The first issue is irrelevant to this:

Did you tried run this command in

ssh -T -N -4 -vvv -R localhost:22001:localhost:22000 -o ServerAliveInterval=0 -o GatewayPorts=yes -o ExitOnForwardFailure=yes

And for the second issue, are you able to reproduce this issue? If you can please tell the steps.


sorry, been busy for a few days. But the problem seems to be fine now, even on 1.4.9. And I got an automatic update to 1.4.10 just now, still no problems, no further core tunnel crashes in last few days. So we can probably close this support request.

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The crash issue you've reported was fixed in version 1.4.10, thank you so much for the crash log, it helped me to identify the problem. And I'm sorry for forgetting to mention you in About window, we were in a hurry to release a hot-fix version, will do it in next update.