Is High Sierra a hard requirement?

Just downloaded my first alpha build - was sad that I can’t use it because it says it requires 10.13 ("High Sierra). I know the OS releases are free, but I have a couple issues with this one:

  1. My employer usually delays letting its employees install macOS major versions by a year or more. (I’ve just gotten Sierra this past November). Since I would be using this for work, that means I can’t use the app.
  2. In this case, even on my home computer, I have not installed High Sierra yet because it’s widely perceived to be very buggy and doesn’t add any meaningful features.

Is there any chance you’ll ever make this available to 10.12 users as well?

I’ll try to make it compatible with 10.12, but I couldn’t make promise for the moment, since it was born with 10.13 only.