Import (or integrate with) the existing hosts in /.ssh/config

Hi there,


I've installed your Core Shell app via SetApp.

It's a great looking app, and I can see how it would be very handy.

I was anticipating that it would automatically make available the 100+ hosts I have in my /.ssh/config file. Considering it's an app designed as an alternative to using the standard Terminal interface for working SSH sessions, I would have thought it only logical that it would import and grant access to whatever hosts one has set up in Terminal.

Partial Solutions Found

I've found the posts in this forum that state I can use the same host name in Core Shell as what I have in Terminal shell. And that's useful. However, this still means I have to add 100+ new hosts in Core Shell.

Feature Suggestion

I suggest adding a way to import the data in the existing Terminal shell (/.ssh/config), or to directly access those existing hosts. However you decide to go about it, the end result would be that people already using SSH via Mac Terminal (pretty much all your users, I suspect) won't have to set up all their hosts again in your app.

In the mean time ...

In the mean time, I will continue to manage my host data in SSH CONFIG EDITOR, and handle the actual SSH shell sessions in iTerm (or Terminal).

Keep up the great work.



Hi Jonathan, thank you very much for your well-organized suggestion.

I've added this feature in our dev pipeline, will update this thread once we set to work on it.

Thank you again for the suggestion.


Thanks Yang. I look forward to it. I'm keen to make use of your app.