How to create a profile with AWS Bastion (jump host)?


I am on Catalina 10.15.7 . I would like to connect to a private IP EC2 on AWS using a jump server (Bastion) and private key. What I usually does using terminal is like below;

ssh-add private
ssh -A user@BASTION_IP
ssh user@PRIVATE_IP

This works fine. But I would like to create a profile for PRIVATE_IP so that I just want to login to the private IP just with a double tap. What I tried with Core Shell is like below (SSH Profile);

But I am unable to connect and getting error. First it shows Jumping and then it shows Connection failed. Retry after. I also tried configuring jump server as user@BASTION_IP.

Is there anything wrong with my config? How can I fix this?


Sorry for late reply, my Mac was damaged and just recover from a spare computer :frowning:

Could you please try with equivalent command in local terminal, and paste the log here?

You can find the equivalent command from connection log:


Hi Yang, I figured it out.

The issue was with the key. If I add the key first using the ssh command (using mac terminal), and then try to connect in core shell, it works like charm.

ssh-add mykey