How to come out of any comand?

How to close any command. Like normally we do ctrl+c in terminal to come out of any command. When i do tail command, i am not able to come out, i have to open another tab/windows

Just verified this and it works as you would expect.

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I tried tail command on a very large file, it terminated normally and printed the expected results.

Could you please post the tail command line you were using? Are you tailing a binary file? A screenshot may also provide help for me to identify the problem.



tail -100f file.log
When i run above command, it shows me running logs. I am not having any problem with what tail commands is showing. It is showing me correct last 100 lines. But when i press ctrl+c to come out of it, it doesn't come out. It keeps on showing me logs.

If your file.log was being changed aggressively, then yes, you may not stop the tail to print new contents immediately, depending on your network status, you have to wait 6 or more seconds before the command actually comes out.

I did a test under extreme condition with command yes, it simply pours out endless lines of y on screen very fast. Core Shell took 12 seconds to come out, while system took 15 seconds, both ran on the same Mac, and logged in a remote server with poor connectivity.

Could you please try the command tail -100f file.log with and ssh command?