How to change local shell theme

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Is there a way to change the theme? I can select the theme for each external shell connections (hosts), but I can't find a way to select the theme for local shell (home).

Hi, Core Shell does not provide user interface to import themes, you have to do it manually by now, please take a look at this post:

Thank you for the answer! But that is not what I asked.

I have already added my custom themes to the Core Shell themes folder.

I do not have a host. I want to change the theme for the local shell.

Use the profile

Open Core Shell, and select the host you want to change its color scheme, edit the settings. In the Color Scheme filed, the exported profile should be loaded and listed, select the profile, click Save then you're all set.

I want to change the local shell theme.

Shell > New Tab > New tab with Local Shell [command]+[option]+[T]

Shell > New Window > New window with Local Shell [command]+[option]+[N]

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Ohh sorry, I mistook your meaning. It's not supported at this moment, will try to add custom theme for local shell in next update.

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+1 for this as well. I love this tool and have the same request. I hate white screens! Please add something for this.

As a software engineer myself, I would actually make the following feature:

Allow users to configure multiple Local Shell configurations in the tool, one being the default which would control the theme for the Menu / KBD launched local shells.

Doing this would allow users to have multiple themes for the local shell. I often have 2-3 local shells open at once and I typically set their colors differently so that I can visually tell which I'm working in.

Thanks for all the great effort. Really like your products.

Hi Cameron, thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. We're working on supporting multiple local profiles, hopefully you may see it in next update.

Thank you again for supporting our development!


@Velociround @Cameron_Horton Core Shell 2.2 has been released, now you can create local terminal profiles and change their color schemes.

Feedbacks are welcome :smiley:


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