How does one store and connect to SSH endpoints?

I don't find this product intuitive at all. The top of the home pages mentions "1-click login to a remote shell. Login to your remote host with one-click, fast and intuitive."

While that's great you allegedly have a feature to login with 1-click to a remote shell, how does a new user actually figure out how to do that? Is there a 'connection manager' where I can save my SSH connections? A better shell than the mac shell isn't all that useful, a shell with a connection manager is.

Hi Chris, thank you for commenting.

Core Shell has the concept of connection manager, it is Profiles, the initial window you see it at first launch.

You can create a profile by clicking bottom-right plus button.

We will improve guidance for beginners gradually, we also eager to hear advices from new users.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions, we may not make a change immediately, but we keep up the solid pace.

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